Promises kept


With softness and care, Hotel Beige presents its commitment to environmental preservation. Through responsible practices and concrete actions, the Beige team is working towards a greener future, at your service and for our planet.

Beige is certified by the European Ecolabel, a prestigious certification that reflects a constant commitment to our planet, ensuring a stay where comfort meets respect for nature.


Environmentally responsible

At Hôtel Beige, saving energy is an imperative. We limit our carbon footprint by adjusting the heating and air-conditioning temperature range between 20 and 24 degrees (19 to 24 in rooms), but also by using 100% renewable and traceable energy, of European origin.


Preciously essential

Water is a precious resource that we carefully preserve. We reduce our consumption by changing linen (sheets and towels) only at your request, thus contributing to the conservation of this essential resource. In addition, we supply filtered water in glass bottles, thus avoiding the use of plastic containers.


Waste management

We believe in reducing, recycling and reusing. Our commitment to responsible waste management is reflected in our selective recycling, which extends right down to the guest rooms, in order to minimize our impact on the environment. 


And responsible purchasing

We work actively to raise awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability among our staff and partners. We encourage informed decision-making and responsible business practices. In addition, we promote the purchase of environmentally-friendly products and supplies to support sustainable supply chains.

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